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Learning Personal Safety through Training

I started shooting at a young age and eventually advanced into a career where I would get paid to train. I became a full-time police officer in 1999 and continued my love for target shooting. 


After a while though, I began realizing that self-defense and defense of my family were also important, and began my training career by becoming an NRA Instructor in several disciplines.


I taught NRA courses for many years but was not quite satisfied with only one style of training.  In March 2021, I took the USCCA Instructor's course to gain valuable insight into defensive training.

I am a Connecticut Certified Law Enforcement Instructor for Firearms & Shotgun.

In July 2021, I attended the Sig Sauer Firearms Instructor Course which is a 5-day training session.

I am certified in the following disciplines:

Use of Force instructor

Shooting Decisions Instructor

Firearms Night Fire instructor

Use of force (Less Lethal) Baton Instructor

Officer Safety mechanics of Arrest/control Instructor

Handcuffing Instructor
Building Search/Active Aggressor Instructor
Intoximeter Instructor

CPR=AED/1st Aid Instructor for American Heart Association since 1988

I am continually taking training courses to advance my skills and bring better training to my students. I even attend other instructor's basic classes just to see how "others do it" and pick up new techniques.

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