Learning Personal Safety through Training

I started shooting at a young age and eventually advanced into a career where I would get paid to train. I became a police officer in 1999 and continued my love for target shooting. 

After a while though, I began realizing that self-defense and defense of my family were also important and began my training career by becoming an NRA Instructor in several disciplines.

I taught NRA courses for many years but was not quite satisfied with only one style of training.  In March 2021, I took the USCCA Instructor's course to gain valuable insight into defensive training.

Also in March 2021, I decided to apply to become a law enforcement instructor and passed the entry-level for the course.  I am attending this class July 12-16, 2021

In July 2021, I, along with another Instructor and a great friend are attending the Sig Sauer Firearms Instructor Course which is a 5-day training session.

I will continue to attend various training opportunities to better myself and to bring you even better training, so that you may have the confidence to protect yourself should the time unfortunately ever arise.

I have also been an American Heart BLS Instructor since 1988 and have taught numerous students over the years in CPR/ AED and 1st Aid.